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Shel Silverstein Biography


Shel Silverstein biography

Shel Silverstein is a well-known author, illustrator, poet and a composer. He became very popular as an American poet, singer as well as a songwriter, an innovative cartoonist, a screenwriter and an interesting writer of countless children books. He was famous as Uncle Shelby in some of his works. His books are so famous and loved among children that more than 20 million copies were sold.

He was born on September 25, 1930 in Chicago. He grew up in the neighborhood of Logan Square of Chicago and completed his schooling from Roosevelt University. He later went to University of Illinois to complete his higher education but could not accomplish it. He later went to Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and then attended United States Army. His real name was Sheldon Silverstein which was penned down to Shel Silverstein. He was a poet and a musician who was widely popular for writing children’s stories.

In his early days, he studied music and worked hard to set up himself as a musician and composer. He composed so many popular songs and wrote renowned books which were enormously outstanding. Shel Silverstein became a cartoonist for a magazine and kept working as a cartoonist for many years. His work in some famous magazines made him earn national recognition. His cartoons got a permanent space in some popular magazines which made him largely famous around 1970s. Later, he tried his hand at creativity and innovation so he began focusing on music and his writing skills. He began writing poems and short stories for various popular magazines and also wrote some books which became very famous and helped him earn name and acknowledgement. With the growing popularity, he started publishing his own books of cartoons. As his popularity widened, he stepped into the shoes a music composer. He started experimenting with music and recorded his first album at that time. He also wrote some original songs and launched them. He produced more than a dozen albums in his overall career of being a music composer.

After 1963, someone inspired Shel Silverstein to write about children and soon he started working on it. He published his first book in that very year and then he wrote two other books next year which became his most famous book ever. His books were widely popular and became the most loved book of children. The book was first rejected by publishers as they thought it was something too out of the box for the children but ultimately it became very popular. His most famous book was translated in more than 30 languages and it is still one of the most renowned books for children.

Although he was well known for his musical edge, but his work for children will always keep him apart and unique. He produced two books in 1970 and then he continued his writing work for many more years. His collection of beautiful poems and drawings made him win many accolades and awards. He made various contributions before he died in 1999 at an age of 68 years from The heart attack in Key West, Florida.

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