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Shel Silverstein Poems

Shel Silverstein was an American poet, singer-lyricist, musician, composer, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children’s books. Shel Silverstein called himself Uncle Shelby, even those his real name was Sheldon. Silverstein’s talents were already well-developed by the time he served in the US armed forces during the 1950s. He Silverstein became a cartoonist for Playboy in 1956. He said […]

The Perfect High

Shel Silverstein (1930 – 1999) There once was a boy named Gimmesome Roy. He was nothing like me or you. ’Cause laying back and getting high was all he cared to do. As a kid, he sat in the cellar, sniffing airplane glue. And then he smoked bananas –– which was then the thing to […]


Shel Silverstein (1930 – 1999) I made myself a snowball As perfect as could be. I thought I’d keep it as a pet And let it sleep with me. I made it some pajamas And a pillow for its head. Then last night it ran away, But first it wet the bed.

Enter This Deserted House

Shel Silverstein (1930 – 1999) But please walk softly as you do. Frogs dwell here and crickets too. Ain’t no ceiling, only blue. Jays dwell here and sunbeams too. Floors are flowers – take a few Ferns grow here and daisies too. Swoosh, whoosh – too-whit, too-woo Bats dwell here and hoot owls too. Ha-ha-ha, […]

Hector The Collector

Shel Silverstein (1930 – 1999) Hector the Collector Collected bits of string, Collected dolls with broken heads And rusty bells that would not ring. Bent-up nails and ice-cream sticks, Twists of wires, worn-out tires, Paper bags and broken bricks. Old chipped vases, half shoelaces, Gatlin’ guns that wouldn’t shoot, Leaky boasts that wouldn’t float And […]

In Search Of Cinderella

Shel Silverstein (1930 – 1999) From dusk to dawn, From town to town, Without a single clue, I seek the tender, slender foot To fit this crystal shoe. From dusk to dawn, I try it on Each damsel that I meet. And I still love her so, but oh, I’ve started hating feet.

The Hunter

Shel Silverstein (1930 – 1999) I have fought against the poodle with his gory, deadly paws; I have faced the fearsome kitten, wild and bony, And somehow I’ve evaded the enormous chomping jaws Of the frighteningly ferocious Shetland pony. My triumph o’er the rabbit is now sung throughout the land, And men still speak in […]

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